Bata Jobmaster Gumboot 400 Utility

Bata Jobmaster Gumboot 400 Utility


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Bata Industrials Utility gumboots are synonymous with Australian industry and are widely used across a variety of applications. The Utility design is a favourite in the workplace, it is reinforced at the heel, ankle and shin and is both durable and flexible. Channelling in the sole allows for improved liquid dispersal and slip resistance. Fitted with a comfort footbed and resistant to oil, acid and water the Utility safety gumboot will keep you dry, safe and comfortable.


Article number 892-66380
Brand : Utility
Color : Black
Features :

  • Water resistant
  • Oil and resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Australian made
  • 400mm high (high fit)
  • Adjustable trip height - Pre-stamped line to cut the boot down as required
  • Rear kick off lip - Designed so you can easily take off your boots
  • Hardy PVC
  • Certified 2210.5.2019 & ASTM F2892-18
  • Unisex - Women order 3 sizes down - e.g Size 10 Women's US = Size 7 Men's UK


  • Food & Beverages
  • Fresh Produce Processing
  • Landscaping